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Wednesday, 16 January, States General of Italian Sport


A day of insights and debates to try to shed light on the strategies. Wednesday,16 January - scheduled to start at 10 am, at the INOC Hall of Honor - the States General of Italian Sport will be held. Ten sessions to develop the theme "INOC, future marked and/or future dreamed?" The work, which will open with the greeting of the President of the Italian National Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagò, will include the participation of the Undersecretary for the Presidency of the Council in charge of Sport Giancarlo Giorgetti, and Undersecretary for Relations with Parliament Simone Valente.  

The five round tables of the morning envisage, in order, the intervention of the members of the IOC, the National Council, the Presidents of the Olympic Federations and of the non-Olympic Federations, to then close with the Associated Sports Disciplines.

The other five sessions are scheduled for the afternoon, with the interventions - respectively - of athletes and technicians, the Sports Promotion Bodies, the Presidents of the Regional Committees, the Provincial Delegates, and the Meritorious Associations. The conclusion and synthesis of the works will be handled by President Malagò and the Secretary General Carlo Mornati.

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