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The Institute of Sports Medicine reopens, Professor Ferretti appointed Medical Director. The Olympic Area entrusted to Dr. Squeo


The CONI Institute of Sports Medicine (IMSS) at Acqua Acetosa reopened today. President Giovanni Malagò immediately informed, by way of letter, all the National Sports Federations, Associated Sports Disciplines, Sports Promotion Bodies, Meritorious Associations and all sports bodies recognised by CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee. The Institute of Sports Medicine has appointed Professor Andrea Ferretti as Medical Director, while the Olympic Area will be headed by Dr. Maria Rosaria Squeo.

As is widely known, the Institute of Sports Medicine, along with the Institute of Sports Science, represents the only CONI-standard facility within Italy available to all national athletes, as well as being at the disposal of registered members and citizens of any age. The IMSS is a centre of excellence that provides its patients with the professionalism of internationally renowned doctors, guaranteeing specialised consultations and state-of-the-art equipment for targeted diagnoses. Inside, there are more than 20 medical specialities to meet the needs and expectations of all clients.

The mission is prevention and the physical, psychological and performance recovery of patients in general, and athletes in particular, in an environment that fully reflects the highest quality standards of CONI.

The Institute of Sports Medicine and Science is CONI’s health care and scientific facility, with the institutional function of protecting the state of health of elite-level athletes and providing the National Sports Federations with the scientific know-how to improve the sporting performance of its Olympic and top-level activities. It also seeks to promote sports culture, aimed at the well-being of the individual, through research in the field of physical exercise and sport, in collaboration with national and international research bodies.

Scientific research, teaching and training activities are also carried out in collaboration with universities and the main Italian and foreign research institutes, tackling such topics as sports medicine and health protection, psychology, physiology, biology and biomechanics applied to physical exercise and to sport.

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