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Statement from the National Council

Malago dicembre 2014The 246th CONI National Council met today at 2:00 pm - at the Foro Italico - to discuss the following agenda:

1) Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 24th May 2016: Minutes approved unanimously.
2) Statements by the President: Malagò opened the meeting by remembering the stars of the sporting world who passed way in the last two weeks, emphasising the significant results achieved by Italian athletes in the same period. The President then addressed the topic related to the imminent Rio Games, exactly one month before the opening ceremony: together with the pride of a larger delegation of athletes compared to London 2012, which is the result of the quality of the work carried out by the Federations, by the coaches and Olympic Training, the importance of the commitment given by RAI to ensure coverage of the event was also reaffirmed.

Malagò then recalled the increase in revenues from marketing: income, which three years ago amounted to about 3 million, by the end of 2016 will reach 15 million. This is thanks to investments guaranteed by the main partners, BNL Bp Paripas, EA7, DHL, Kinder + Sport, UnipolSai, and partners such as Samsung, Coca Cola, Fiat, Segafredo, Coldiretti, Herbalife, Barilla, Algida, along with Vodafone.

With regard to the Olympic bid, there is a touch of trepidation for the assignment of the new Rome City Council: the world of sport waits to see who will be the interlocutors in the various areas of relevance in order to then schedule a meeting with the new Mayor. Malagò has informed the Council of an extraordinary meeting of the Committee on the 21st July, stressing that the question has been resolved relating to the mandates of the Presidents, with the levelling of the international criteria: the law is expected to be passed by the end of 2016, as a result, scheduling operations are being accelerated. Updates regarding defibrillators are expected, while during the next Committee the resolutions accepted regarding "Sports and Suburbs" will be discussed, followed by establishing the project guidelines, with the presentation of the detailed list of actions. The aim is to delay the fund also as a result of the next financial budgets, in an attempt to satisfy the amount of requests received.

Finally, the Council was made aware of the CONI-FIN relations: the opinion of the Advisory Section of the Guarantee Board was sent to Federnuoto for consequential action with a deadline of 10 days upon receipt. The second instance is being considered by the Ethics Guarantor, Corrado Calabrò, who has taken further time. Malagò closed the meeting by congratulating Ivo Ferriani, who is waiting - as part of the IOC session at the start of August - for the formal investiture as a new member of the International Olympic Committee.
Riccardo Agabio (Gymnastics) took part in the discussion regarding the President's report and other topics covered in the course of the Council.

3) Administrative Affairs and CONI budget:
Unanimously approved: the identification, in accordance with Article 34, paragraph 2, of the Statute of CONI, of the levels of national and international competitions in which athletes must have participated for eligibility of the same in the Committee and in the National Council; the ratification of the extension of Compulsory Administration of the Italian Bowling Federation; the partial revision of the arrangements for monitoring the National Sports Federations for the current four-year period, with extension to the Associated Sports Disciplines, as well as the policy concerning detailed verification.
With nothing else to discuss, proceedings were brought to a close at 2:40pm.

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