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Statement from the National Committee

FORO5This morning the 1050th meeting of the CONI National Committee was held at the Foro Italico, where proceedings began to approve the report concerning the previous meeting on 5th July. In its communications, President Malagò complimented the Federations on their achievements in recent international events and formalised the numbers of the Italian team for Rio, with 297 athletes, expressing his regret for the injuries sustained by some of the athletes forced to miss the Olympics. The Committee was then informed of the further delay of the Balduzzi decree, linked to the use of defibrillators, and was updated on the developments regarding Rome's 2024 bid, after the technical meeting which took place last week in Lausanne, in the presence of a representative of the Organising Committee and a City Council delegation. The importance of the initiative regarding the creation of sports areas in the 15 municipalities of the city was highlighted, after the presentation of the first project which will be built in Alessandrino Park, made possible by the resources allocated by the "Sports and Suburbs" fund, along with the plan of detailed measures that will be presented after the Olympic Games.


The Presidency of the Council of Ministers expressed satisfaction in the approval of the Organisation's 2015 Financial Statement and the first restructuring of the budget for 2016; the issues concerning the scheduling of the elective assemblies for the organisations that make up CONI were dealt with, identifying 11th May as the earliest date for the renewal of the Organisation's role. The Committee then focused on the relations between CONI and FIN and took note of the opinion expressed by the Guarantor of the Sports Code of Conduct, Corrado Calabrò, with regard to the revocation of President Paolo Barelli inside the Committee, which will be the subject of a special National Council convocation scheduled for 6th September. After reviewing a long list of other organisational and administrative issues, and having taken the relevant resolutions, the Committee called an end to proceedings at 2.15pm.

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