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SCHOOL OF SPORT: On 7 May Seminar on "Training of women, specificity in sport from training to performance"


On 7 May, in the Giulio Onesti Acqua Acetosa Olympic Training Centre, a seminar will be held on "Training of women, specificity in sport of high performance training", organised by the CONI School of Sport. The training day will be an important opportunity to share the most recent contributions of scientific research dedicated to the topic of training the female athlete. The various testimonies illustrate in detail the methodologies best suited to the training of young athletes and analysing gender differences in the light of various sports and their performance models.

The seminar provides for the participation of Rossana Ciuffetti, Director of the Coni Servizi School of Sport, Corrado Barazzutti, the Coach of the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation), Fabio Conti, Women's Water polo Coach, Giampaolo Coppo, Coach of the Women's Tennis Association, Marco Mencarelli, Trainer of the FIPAV (Italian Volleyball Federation) Youth Sector, Giovanna Berlutti, Doctor specialising in Sports Medicine, Michelangelo Dell'Edera, Director of the "Roberto Lombardi" Training Institute of Tennis, Antonio Gianfelici, Physician, specialist in Sports Medicine, Maria Francesca Piacentini, Professor at the University of the Foro Italico in Rome, Renato Manno, Director of the Coni Servizi School of Sport, Claudio Mantovani, Scientific Coordinator of the technical area of Coni Servizi School of Sport.

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