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SCHOOL OF SPORT: Seminar on the correct use of food supplements in sport.

ImmaginebuonaThe use of food supplements in sport practice both at professional and amateur levels is now common in the majority of sports and in different sport disciplines.

For this reason, CONI School of Sport will organize a seminar entitled ‘The correct use of food supplements in sport’. Food supplements, used in abundance in gyms and fitness centres, are considered by many an indispensable tool in increasing muscle hypertrophy. The same products are often considered dangerous substances that can affect the health of the athletes who use them.

The goal of this seminar is to give clarification, examine different categories of supplements and put forward the findings coming exclusively from the most recent scientific literature. The aim is to eliminate myths and preconceptions and to educate on their correct use.

The seminar, which will take place in Rome at the Centre of Olympic Preparation ‘Giulio Onesti’ (Largo G. Onesti 1), is open to everybody and is particularly offered to; professionals within the Federation, sport directors, coaches and trainers dealing with high-level athletic activities, teachers at the School of Sport, teachers of regional schools of sport, motor science students and students specializing in sport medicine,  specialists and students in the field (dietologists, nutritionists and biologists). The participation fee is 150 Euros + 2 Euros for revenue stamp. Grants and discounts are expected for sport societies enrolled on the Coni register, Community SdS, professionals presented by FSN/DSA/EPS, Sport in Uniforme and motor science students.

Application requests must be collected by Tuesday the 11th of March. After registering on the School of Sport website, please complete the online form which can be found inside the seminar brochure. After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email containing information for the bank transfer. Only those who can provide evidence of payment will be considered enrolled into the seminar.

For more information:

Tel. 06/36726.9194 o 9235 

Fax 06/3272.3785


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