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Road to Paris 2024, at the CPO Onesti a forum with the Azzurri technical directors. Mornati: "We will take care of every detail"


Preparations for Paris 2024 are underway. After the record-breaking edition of Tokyo 2020 and the historic winter edition of Beijing 2022, CONI and the National Sports Federations met today at the Acqua Acetosa Olympic Preparation Centre to plan work ahead of the French Olympic Games. 
The occasion was offered by a forum dedicated to the General Secretaries, managers, directors and technical commissioners of the various Federations and organised by the Olympic Preparation.

“We have a fairly clear picture and we wanted to share it with you, with the involvement of the technical executives and also the team managers given the particular format that Paris will have. Paris is very simple, but in some ways very complicated”, warned the Secretary General of CONI, Carlo Mornati. “Compared to Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 it is easier from an organisational point of view. We will be able to train at home, but regarding other nations, we are all technically in the same boat. This will be, we hope, the first post-Covid Olympics, it will therefore be necessary to pay close attention on a technical level. In Paris we want to focus on the details that go much deeper. Our intention is to go there as soon as possible with the various technical and sporting directors so that you can be fully aware of what is happening. Today the Institute of Sports Medicine reopens with Professor Andrea Ferretti as the new medical director and Dr. Maria Rosaria Squeo, head of the Olympic area. We are back to being a single team. And the Institute of Science is also available to generate as much synergy as possible”.

Illustrating the race venues and the layout of the Olympic Villages was the head of Olympic Preparation, Alessio Palombi. “21 sports will be within a 10-kilometre radius of the Village, in the most iconic places of the city”, he highlighted. Managing the delegation within a city that will live its daily life will therefore require perfect organisation, very similar to London but more intensified. We will therefore have to rethink our modes of travel, relying on public transport and the organising committee”.

Elisa Santoni and Enzo Bartolomeo explained the accreditation and sports programmes as well as those involving ticketing and hospitality to the representatives of 31 of the 32 Olympic Federations present in Paris.

Giampiero Pastore, head of the CONI Institute of Sports Medicine and Science, instead revealed the new CONI health facility. “We are in a completely new phase”, he said. "The union of the Institute of Medicine with the Institute of Science is of paramount importance. In a certain way, we are returning to the past and will provide a complete all-round service. We want to meet all your needs, so that we will arrive in Paris with a complete shared pathway”.

Nothing will be left to chance, even from a climate point of view thanks to the collaboration with Professor Alessandro Pezzoli of the Polytechnic of Turin. “Climate influences human health and therefore sports performance”, explained the researcher. “The aim of the Polytechnic of Turin is to define the most probable climatic situations in the Paris area”.

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