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Press Statement


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a workshop with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and its partners from the Region of Lombardy and the Autonomous Province of Trento, to explore their interest in hosting a future edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games. This follows the decision by CONI, Lombardy and Trentino in March to enter a non-committal Continuous Dialogue with the IOC.

As part of its collaborative approach to electing Olympic and Paralympic hosts, the IOC works in partnership with potential hosts to assist them to develop sustainable projects, offering the best possible experience for athletes and spectators and maximum benefits for local communities.
The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) are the highest-level multi-sports event for young elite athletes, combining sport, innovation and a purpose-driven festival. Hosting the YOG can be catalysed to accelerate regional or national youth and youth sport development strategies, to promote youth-related matters such as education, gender equality, health and inclusion, to empower young people with new experiences and skills and to innovate in sports events delivery.

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