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Presented the first edition of Mediterranean Beach Games

pescaramezzelanigmt024Pescara will host the first edition of Mediterranean Beach Games ,the sport event will be held from 28 August to 6 September ,1330 athletes and delegate from 24 for countries of three different continents will participate. They will play in 11 different sport specialities during the 10 days of competition. The Organising Committee Pescara 2015, headed by the Mayor of Pescara Mr. Marco Alessandrini and made up of representatives of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI),the Municipality of Pescara, the Abruzzo Region, under the aegis of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICGM)– continues his activities respecting the deadlines and following the aspects expected by international standards of hospitality.


Pescara 2015 wished a new approach to the event, so that together with the values of sport sought to promote the meeting of cultures and traditions of the peoples of the Mediterranean, through trade and commercial initiatives in the sectors of tourism and agribusiness of the 24 countries with involving Chamber of Commerce system thanks to the interest of the Foreign Centre of the Chambers of Commerce of Abruzzo. Precoiuos is also the cooperation with the Coastal Guard, special partner of the Games,the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Corps will coincide with the Games.They will participate in all official events, before and during the event and in the management of security on the beach and in the sea.


Pescara 2015 in a few numbers

24 participating Nations (Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Lybia, Malta, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey).

11 Sports (Aquathlon, Beach Handball, Beach Soccer, Beach Tennis, Beach Volley, Beach Wrestling, Finswimming, Canoe Ocean Racing, Open Water Swimming, Rowing Beach Sprint, Water Ski.

906 Athletes (601 men, 305 women)

430 Olympic Staff Delegations, 200 Referees and Judges, 500 Guests and V.i.p., 120 Journalists, 900 Volunteers, 66 awards ceremony, 400 medals, 10 days of competition

Number of teams and athletes per sport speciality

Aquathlon (29 athletes; 15 men, 14 women)

Beach Handball (10 male team, 5 female team; 145 athletes, 95 men e 50 women)

Beach Soccer (12 male teams, 140 athletes)

Beach Tennis (57 athletes; 31 men, 26 women)

Beach Volley (106 athletes; 58 men, 48 women)

Beach Wrestling (75 athletes; 55 men, 20 women)

Finswimming (108 athletes; 63 men, 43 women)

Canoe Ocean Racing (40 athletes; 23 men, 17 women)

Open Water Swimming (63 athletes; 37 men, 26 women)

Rowing Beach Sprint (91 athletes; 52 men, 39 women)

Water Ski (52 athletes; 32 men, 20 women)


Stadio del Mare and area in front (the following competitions will be held there: Aquatlhon, Beach Tennis, Beach Volley, Water Sky, Open Water Swimming, and a part of Finswimming competitions ). Arena del Mare and area in front : (the following competitions will be held there : Beach Handball, Beach Soccer, Beach Wrestling, Canoe Ocean Racing, Rowing Beach Sprint). Piscine Le Naiadi (there will be held a part of Finswimming competitions). portal is dynamic, complete, detailed, and is structured in different sections, with daily updates, news releases, results, curiosities, detailed examination of the documents, the special services on the events and on the events organized, including photos and videos. The Mediterranean Games will be broadcast live on RAI HD channel.

The opening ceremony on August 28, will be broadcast live . The competitions will be transmitted according to a defined schedule that includes a match in the morning or in the afternoon and one evening.

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