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On the field against gender violence; topic of prevention will inspire activities in CONI Centres 2023-2024


The CONI Centres season 2023/2024, the well-established CONI youth activity project that has seen the number of associations and clubs asking to join every year, is back in full swing. To date 1,000 applications have already been received from all over Italy and this, in addition to allowing real sports movement growth for young people, offers various benefits to participating associations, such as an annual recognition plaque and free training for their coaches, as well as sports equipment for the youngsters. Yesterday, the first national meeting was held remotely, with 114 regional trainers taking part. The meeting was opened by CONI Vice President Claudia Giordani, with many CONI Regional Presidents attending – together with the National Technical Commission for Youth Activities – to discuss the organisation and planning of goals and proposals for this sporting year. The meeting, which took place in accordance with continuous improvement, led to numerous suggestions. In addition to the CONI Centres' now widespread method, which targets a multidisciplinary approach and building young athletes' sports movement skills through play, the proposal to send monthly feedback to the National Sports Federations and the relevant amateur clubs and associations was added, thus fostering a climate of greater communication and continuous monitoring on an annual basis. Further inspiration for improvement comes from the desire to strengthen the relationship between CONI and universities, with the aim of entering into internship agreements within CONI Centres, since, as highlighted during the discussion, growth inevitably comes from interfacing with young undergraduates who approach local CONI organisations operationally. "As educators we have a huge responsibility," said Cecilia D'Angelo, Head of the CONI Territorial Directorate, and for this reason, echoing the wishes of the audience, she proposed that prevention of gender-based violence should become the common theme that will guide the new 2023/2024 CONI Centres' sports season. The entire CONI organisation for local areas will commit, in the field of training, to a new and practical project that views sport as an important way to combat gender violence and a tool to raise awareness on equality: these are very relevant topics and, unfortunately, particularly significant at the current time in our country. The aim of the initiative is to educate young people who participate in the CONI Centres to promote a culture of fair play through self-respect and respect for other human beings, breaking down the stereotypes that are also present in the world of sport, thereby promoting a real cultural change in the generations of today and tomorrow.

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