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Olympic pass for Antonio Esposito: the Italian will be in Paris 2024


The number of Italian judo athletes qualified for Paris 2024 has risen to eight.

After Manuel Lombardo, Christian Parlati, Alice Bellandi, Odette Giuffrida, Assunta Scutto, Asya Tavano, and Veronica Toniolo, Antonio Esposito has clinched the Olympic pass in the -81 kg category.

Protagonist of an excellent start to the season made even more precious by his victory at the Linz Grand Prix and consequent entry into the top 10 of the Olympic qualification ranking, the 2018 Tel Aviv European bronze medallist, who secured Italy a place for the French Games in his weight category, has been officially selected by the FIJLKAM National Technical Directorate.

The selection of Esposito (photo IJF) for the Olympic team is final, regardless of any potential alterations in the Olympic Ranking List, even if it benefits other Azzurri. This choice guarantees him a tailored preparation, ensuring an optimal approach to the prestigious event.

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