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National Board Statement

GiuntaThe 1036th meeting of the Board of CONI has taken place this morning in Milan, in the Lombardy pavilion of the Expo. The Board began its work by approving the minutes of the previous meeting held on May, 19. The President of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, accompanied by the Regional Councillor for Sport, Antonio Rossi, opened the meeting by welcoming the council assembly and expressing his hope that the Expo area will play a role in the development of sport in the future. In its communications, President Malagò, after thanking President Maroni, began addressing some of the current issues such as the football situation, especially regarding Serie B and Lega Pro. The council assembly then focused on Rome’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Games after the favourable vote of the Rome Council Assembly. The Board unanimously approved the resolution proposed by the National Council for the 2024 Olympics. President Malagò expressed his congratulations for the wonderful presentation of the Olympic uniforms held yesterday evening at Teatro Armani with the participation of Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Following the resignation of the President of the Regional Committee of CONI Marche, Fabio Sturani, the council assembly decided to put the Committee under the temporary receivership of the Secretary General of the Olympic Committee, Roberto Fabbricini. Following a request of the Italian Basketball Federation, the Cabinet resolved to appoint a special Commissioner to proceed with some changes in the statute.


As for the European Games, the Organizing Committee has decided to award some disciplines (not all of them) with some prize money (starting from €4,000 for the gold medal to €400 for eighth place). The council assembly has decided to deliver the whole amount to the relevant Federations for automatic distribution to the entitled athletes.


The National Board also approved the 1st CONI 2015 Budget Reformulation, which highlighted more available resources amounting to about € 7 m., resulting from the final verification of the contribution received by the State, allocated, for the most part, to the National Sports Federations in order to enhance the Olympic and high-level training, especially in view of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 and the Winter Games of 2018; the remaining sum will be used during 2015 to support new activities for the Olympic and Paralympic bid of Rome 2024. The net effect of this reorganization on the economic results established during the initial budget allocation for the year was broadly neutral (+ €/000 4).


After reviewing a long list of other organizational and administrative issues and taking the relevant resolutions, the council assembly has ended its work at 13.10.

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