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Modern pentathlon, test day for Malan: "I want to enjoy my first Olympic experience"


At work for the new season, with Paris 2024 at the top of the list of events that require flawless preparation. Giorgio Malan, winner of the men's modern pentathlon competition at the European Games in Krakow on 1 July, today underwent a series of examinations by CONI's Institute of Medicine and Sport Science at the “Giulio Onesti'” centre in Rome, to plan out a season that will culminate in the French Olympic Games. Specifically, the Italian athlete – who won his first career Olympic pass by triumphing in Poland – underwent static and dynamic baropodometric studies and a biomechanical analysis of his running. These tests allow the athlete and his team to assess in detail certain parameters, such as load symmetry or vertical oscillation of the centre of gravity, in order to improve running efficiency. The tests were carried out with the technicians of the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science, in collaboration with the technical coordinator and FIPM Olympic team co-director Umberto Mazzini. “I feel good,” said Malan. “I have just started training again after the summer holidays: I like to work at a high pace but I know I have to take my time to get into top shape at the right time. In order to improve and perfect my performance, days like this are essential: I am very happy to be able to rely on the support of the Institute, its equipment and its extremely competent staff.” The emotions of Krakow are still vivid: “That day I fulfilled two dreams. I won the European Games and qualified for Paris 2024. An indescribable joy. After that success for a fortnight I felt like I was flying, I was walking on air. Managing that period was also an experience: after a great result it is normal to have a drop, but I know the importance of work and consistency and I still want to improve and win.” On the same day in Krakow, Italy's Alice Sotero triumphed in the women's event. Both she and reigning world champion Elena Micheli are also certain to participate in the Olympics in France. “The bar is always high for the Italian modern pentathlon,” Malan emphasises. “They are phenomenal, two sporting heavyweights. And Alice is from Asti, while I’m from Turin, in the same region: we see each other often and occasionally train together. Ever since I was a child, I have always liked to look at what the great champions do and take inspiration from them. They are two champions and really spur me on.” The 23-year-old from Piedmont is studying economics and management at university: “It's tough because I train in five sports and there are only 24 hours in the day (laughs, ed.). For the European Games I decided to set aside the summer exam session and the result justified my decision. Now that I have more time and there are no major competitions on the horizon, I will give it my all for the winter session.” He is crystal-clear about the preparation that is required: “To excel in the modern pentathlon you have to like all five disciplines we do. I am most strongest in athletics, running and swimming. I need to build my consistency in shooting and fencing.” In doing so, he can enjoy his dream of Paris 2024: “It will be my first Olympics, it will be a great thrill, but I don't want to think about it too much or get overwhelmed by the pressure. The goal will be to enjoy it, have fun, give my all and return home with no regrets”.

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