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Kite: Riccardo Pianosi and Maggie Eillen Pescetto selected for the Olympic Games


It will be Riccardo Pianosi and Maggie Eillen Pescetto defending the colours of the Italia team in the men's and women's kite races at the Olympic Games.

The Italian sailors chosen for Paris 2024 (although the sailing competitions will be held in Marseille) are the same individuals who secured their Olympic berths at last year's World Championships.

“This is a particularly happy moment in my career,” says Pianosi, fresh from his third consecutive European medal. “Knowing that I will be representing my country at the Olympic Games is a source of great pride. I can't really find the right words to describe this moment, but I feel I must thank everyone who has been close to me: my family and my girlfriend, who have always given me a hand, even in difficult moments, enabling me to achieve this goal. Thanks to the federation and the Navy who made this possible. I'm looking forward to the Games and, dare I say, aiming for a noteworthy performance. I think I can do it and bring home a great result for my country.”

Pescetto was also enthusiastic: “Being able to represent Italy at the Olympic Games is news that left me speechless. The dedication and effort of these years have finally paid off with an opportunity that enables me to fulfil a dream that began long ago. I had discussed it with my grandfather, my greatest supporter and the individual to whom I wholeheartedly dedicate this moment: I knew the road would be long, but he has always supported me as well as my family and my mother, in particular, who has always been close to me. There were challenging moments, as it's natural for any athlete to experience, but all those difficulties fade away when you achieve such a prestigious goal. The great happiness will turn into motivation to give my best”.

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