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INSTITUTE OF SPORTS MEDICINE: Press release on the football player Christian Maggio

IMS2This morning, at the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science, the Medical Commission met to consider the case relating to the athlete Christian Maggio (FIGC). The Commission, composed of Mr Antonio Spataro - Director of the "Antonio Venerando" Institute of Sports Medicine and Science, of Mr Antonio Todaro - Specialist in Pneumology, Mr Natale Mario Di Luca - Specialist in Forensic Medicine, Mr Carlo Tranquili – Federal Doctor of Italian Football, Mr Pierluigi Maria Granone - Director of the Department of Surgical Pathology, at the "A. Gemelli" Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Mrs Annalisa Cogo - Specialist in Phthisiology and respiratory diseases, Dr Raffaele Canonico – Team Physician for SSC Napoli Football Club and Dr Alfonso De Nicola - Head of Health at SSC Napoli Football club.

The Commission, taking into account the information received about event procedures, believes that the Pneumothorax has cleared up completely and that it was caused by the rupture of a small bubble mantle of the lung parenchyma. This eventuality can also occur spontaneously, in other words independently of traumatic injury, and its incidence epidemiologically observes an increase (greater than or equal to 10%) after the first episode of Pneumothorax, also independently here of the background of traumas. Therefore, in order to better assess the risk of recurrence, it is useful to obtain the x-rays of P.S. as well as the results of a new pulmonary volumetric CT in high resolution.

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