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EOC Executive Committee awards 2027 European Games to Istanbul


The European Olympic Committees (EOC) Executive Committee (ExCom) at the meeting held on March 20th unanimously awarded the 4th edition of the European Games, in 2027, to Istanbul.

The carefully-considered decision was taken after EOC Sport Director, Peter Brüll, presented a detailed evaluation report to the ExCom. The report follows an evaluation visit to Istanbul by a delegation of EOC experts in early March. The EOC experts looked at all aspects of the city’s capabilities to host the Games including venues, transport, security, accommodation and athlete facilities.

Commenting on the ExCom decision, EOC President Spyros Capralos said: “The EOC is delighted to have approved Istanbul’s candidature to host the European Games 2027. It is a great news for both Europe’s athletes and the city. Istanbul and Turkey have long been good friends of international sport, with Istanbul having woven sport into the fabric of everyday life for the benefit of its citizens. We know it will be the perfect place for Europe’s best athletes to shine in 2027”.

Further building on the success of Kraków-Malopolska 2023, the EOC and the Istanbul team resolved to ensure an even higher proportion of the competitions serve as qualification events for the Olympic Games LA 2028. This would enable future Turkish Olympians to qualify on home soil, supported by a home audience that includes friends and family.

Istanbul’s venue plan for the European Games 2027 would see no additional construction beyond the venues either already built or already planned for the city.

The Executive Committee’s decision will be presented to the EOC General Assembly in Bucharest in June, for final approval and signing of the relevant contracts.

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