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CONI: Presentation of the "Great Zest for Life Day" organised by the Don Mazzi Youth Centres

dayprimo pianoThe President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, and the Director of the Foundation of Don Mazzi Youth Centres, Giovanni Mazzi, presented this morning the first edition of the "Great Zest for Life Day", an initiative that, on 3, 4 and 11 May, will bring together more than 100,000 young people at the same time in 30 squares in Italy, in relation to sport, music, theatre and volunteering. The press conference was also attended by Giuseppe Abate, Provincial Delegate of CONI in Cosenza, Francesca Porcellato, among the testimonials of the project, the architect Luciano Messina, President of SIMIS, and Sergio Tosi, President of the company Sport Management.

The President Malagò has christened this new challenge. "I'm happy to put my name on this initiative, the Don Mazzi brand has become known for its certified quality. Some people think that volunteering and social work does not fall within the CONI mission but under my governance it forms part of a whole package to be undertaken: we want to win medals but we also want to develop this discourse. Congratulations to all, great zest for life!"

Giovanni Mazzi stressed the importance of the event. "Among our proposals is an educational wheel par excellence capable of providing the theoretical and practical basis in the training process of adolescents." The kick-off to the Great Day will be 4 May in Cavaion Veronese. The President Malagò took the opportunity to invite the Premier Matteo Renzi to take part in the triangular session in which the Exodus association of Don Mazzi and the National Magistrate team also participate.

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