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CONI: National Council Press Release

FORO1The 232th CONI National Council met this morning at the Foro Italico to discuss the following agenda:

1)Verbal Approvalof the meeting of 15 January 2014: the minutes were approved unanimously

2) Communications of the President:Malagò started the meeting by recalling the figures of people associated with the world of sport who have passed away in the last two months, in addition to the important results achieved internationally by the Italian azzurri in the same period.A special, heartfelt greeting was addressed to Matteo Pellicone, with the concurrent welcome in the Council to the New President of the FIJLKAM, Domenico Falcone. Malagò then expressed satisfaction with the medals won at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but also expressed regret for not having won any gold medals. He also recalled the importance of the average age of the medallists, the lowest average age of all time (25.81 years) in the editions in which we have won at least 5 podiums, and pointed out that 58 athletes out of 110 got to the final. The President then expressed regret for the case of doping of Frullani, condemning such conduct and renewing the commitment of Italian sport in the fight against illegal practices.After renewing the compliments to Coni Servizi s.p.a. for the selected profile and the high quality of the dual Casa Italia in Russia, he then encouraged the CIP (Italian Paraolympic Committee) on the eve of the Paralympic Games. Special praise was directed at Sky for their efforts in covering Sochi 2014, noting that the journey to Rio 2016 starts now: the President expressed certainty about the quality of the service that the Rai will offer.

A special thanks was addressed to Mario Pescante, without forgetting the other Italian members of the CIO, in particular for the work carried out - in conjunction with the CONI - with representatives of the International Olympic Committee in view of a possible Italian candidacy for the 2024 Games.

Malagò informed the Council of the high esteem that Italian sports has at international level, thanks to very good relations with the sports highest body and with every single Olympic Committee. We are waiting for the decision related to the allocation of the 2019 World Ski Championships with the candidature of Cortina, which will be supported in every area in view of the choice of Barcelona in June. The issue for the new government was then addressed.Malagò recalled the importance of the presence of Enrico Letta at the opening ceremony for the country’s credibility, and the following dinner with Putin after the assignment of Matteo Renzi, expressing among other things satisfaction with the confirmation of Delrio as sports adviser, with the aim of a fruitful relationship with the Government, which – among many objectives - it has to create a more interactive interaction between the world of sport and schools, with a review of the motor literacy project. With regards to Pescara, designated to host the first Beach Games in 2015, the current difficulties of the city were highlighted to honour the commitment, resulting in the wish to find alternative venues in Italy for the event in question.

Malagò then addressed the issue relating to the audit operations, recalling that there currently are six federations under the magnifying glass and that the CONI, in relation to the situation of the FIN (Italian Swimming Federation), is hoping for a swift and positivere solution of the case, simply having fulfilled its duty. Some important dates were then presented: 10 April, at the Foro Italico, there is an "Info Day", in the presence of teachers and industry experts, to illustrate to the various sports organisation the necessary procedures to access the allocation calls of community funds. In June, on the occasion of the celebrations of the Italian National Olympic Committee’s Centenary, special events are planned: 9 June the RAI’s evening broadcast, exceptionally conducted by Paolo Bonolis, directly from the CONI, while 10 June is the day of the Oscars, with a concert by maestro Ennio Morricone at the Santa Cecilia Auditorium and a special movie by Paolo Sorrentino, who recently won the statuette for the film "The Great Beauty".


FSN-DSA-EPS Activities: The appointment of a new member, Raffaella Valeri, from the Sporting Merits Commission has been unanimously approved.

Miscellaneous: On the communications of the President, and on other topics of general interest, the following were present: Franco Chimenti (Golf), Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Paolo Barelli (Swimming), Roberto Fabbricini, Franco Carraro, Alberto Miglietta (Badminton), Vincenzo Manco (Promotional Bodies Representative), Riccardo Fraccari (Baseball), Romolo Rizzoli (Bowls), Angelo Binaghi (Tennis), Riccardo Viola (Peripheral Organisations Representative)

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