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CONI: National Board Press Release

FORO1The 1,022nd meeting of the CONI National Board was held this morning at the Foro Italico. It began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting held on 14 January. In his statement, Chairman Malagò presented the Board with a report on the expedition to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, having won two silver and six bronze medals. He congratulated all the athletes for the results achieved whilst expressing regret for not having obtained a gold medal. He also congratulated Sky and the Cielo channel for transmitting the emotion of the Olympics that the Italian athletes as well as the fans experienced who have followed the games on television. The Government also allocated 750,000 Euros for the prizes to be given to the winners of Olympic medals in Sochi. As for the Paralympics, Chairman Pancalli informed the Board that Italy will be present at the Opening Ceremony and will parade as usual. Malagò then updated the Board on relations with the Government, by thanking the outgoing Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta for his presence in Sochi and for the support he provided to sport but at the same time he issued a warm greeting to welcome in the new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who has quickly demonstrated a great awareness of sport by confirming the delegation to Graziano Delrio. The Board considered the comments of the High Court of Justice with CONI who reported some need for regulatory change in relation to the Sports Justice Code of the Italian Football Association. Chairman Abete noted that the suggestions of the High Court will be very carefully assessed by the FIGC (the Italian Football Federation) obviously at the end of the season. Chairman Malagò subsequently informed the Board on inspection activities in progress in a few Federations (Swimming, Golf, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Wushu Kung-fu and Fitetrec-Ante, the Italian Horseriding and Trec Federation). In particular, the Board focused on the inspection of the Italian Swimming Federation which the General Secretary, as a mandatory act, had filed a complaint about with the Prosecutor's Office. The inspection activities are continuing in all the federations with the exception of Field Hockey with the final document being drawn up that will be discussed at the next Board meeting. The service contract between CONI and CONI Servizi s.p.a was finally approved. After examining a long series of other organisational and administrative issues and having taken the relevant resolutions, the Board concluded its meeting at 13:55.​


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