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Agreement signed, Athletica Vaticana chooses the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science


Athletica Vaticana chooses CONI's Institute of Medicine and Sport Science. An agreement was signed today between CONI and the official sports association of the Holy See that offers members of Athletica Vaticana preferential rates on specialist medical and health consultations at the IMSS. To sign the agreement, at the Barbara Di Giacinto Library of the Institute, the President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò and the President of Athletica Vaticana, Giampaolo Mattei, in the presence of Silvia Salis, Senior Vice President of the Italian National Olympic Committee, the Vice President of Athletica Vaticana, Valentina Giacometti, the Head of IMSS, Giampiero Pastore and Alessandra Turco, Director of Vatican Padel.

Thanks to the agreement in force until 31 December 2024, the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science – CONI's health and scientific facility that has the institutional task of protecting the health of elite athletes – will guarantee specialist medical and health consultations, as well as examinations for medical fitness, both competitive and non-competitive, at discounted rates for members and collaborators of the Holy See Association that promotes a fraternal, solidarity-based and inclusive vision of sport.

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