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CONI: National Board report

FORO1The 1023rd CONI National Board meeting has taken place at the Foro Italico this morning, starting its works with the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of the 4th of March. In his communications, President Malagò has reported to the National Board about the recent meeting with the Government members, also in view of the forthcoming appointment of the Sport delegation by the Prime Minister. Further on, Malagò has announced that the CONI logo has been approved from CIO and that it will be presented on the 7th of May at 1 p.m. with a ceremony that will take place at the Casa delle Armi by the Foro Italico involving the four CONI presidents currently alive, Carraro, Pescante, Petrucci and Malagò. In such occasion, the initiatives for the celebration of CONI 100th year, expected on the 9th and 10th of June in Rome, will be illustrated. The Board has also examined with Federcalcio the letter of intent related to the application of Rome for the 2020 European Championships and, on the basis of that outcome, the possibility to nominate Rome for the 2020 European Athletics Championships. The President has informed the Board that the General Secretary will take part in the works of the Contributions Commission at CONI on the 15th of April. The Board has discussed about the hypothesis of union of various federations, but the intention is to go on with common sense and step by step. On the administrative level, the reports about a few federations (Hockey, Volleyball, Wushu and Fitetrec-Ante) has been studied. About the Hockey Federation further examinations are necessary and they will have to be brought to conclusion in the next two Board meetings at the most. The Antidoping Commission has been integrated with the addition of Prof. Sergio Amadori. After examining a long series of other subjects about organization and administration issues and approving the corresponding resolutions, the Board has closed its works at 1.25 p.m..

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