Team Italy defined for the Erzerum 2017 EYOF


EYOF1The Italian team that will take part in the 13th edition of the winter EYOF– the event that will take place from February 11 to 18 in Erzurum, Turkey - has been defined. 10 athletes will be engaged in the European Youth Olympic Festival, which will see the participation of 832 14-18 year old youths from 40 countries competing in 9 disciplines. Giampiero Pastore will be the Head of Mission.

This is the complete list of those summoned, divided by pertaining Federation:

FISG (Italian Ice Sports Federation)

Figure skating: Lucrezia Genaro, Daniel Grassl

Short track: Gloria Ioratti, Melissa Tunno, Riccardo Pontalti, Luca Spechenhauser

FISI (Italian Federation of Winter Sports)

Alpine skiing: Alex Vinatzer, Giovanni Zazzaro, Carlotta Saracco, Lara Della Mea