The Olympic Management course has begun. Malagò: “A new imprinting to Italian sport”


1prima 20141021 1009589792The high specialization Course on Olympic Management, organized by CONI School of Sport, has begun today at the Acqua Acetosa. The first didactic module out of 12 expected in this program, has opened with the greetings by Italian Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagò, followed by Coni Servizi President Franco Chimenti and Managing Director Alberto Miglietta. In the introduction, prepared by School of Sport Director Rossana Ciuffetti, the aims of the education project have been presented “thanks to a highly qualified group of teachers, made up of charismatic directors and operators, who will have to open the future to well prepared people like you, who are graduates and sport lovers.”


President Malagò has then greeted enthusiastically the first participants to the Course on Olympic Management: “I am very glad we can start with this initiative, I agreed with its aims and contents as soon as Rossana Ciuffetti presented it to me. It is a very detailed project, which gives an imprinting to the new CONI for the aims intended to be obtained. I wish many young people, who are students today, will be able one day to be part of our world after an internship stage, within the limits given by the spending review. Sport offers important opportunities and we have the moral duty to allow those who are attending this course to catch certain occasions. I am thinking about the law on stadiums: building a facility for 52,000 seats would open an employment niche for more than 200 people. Certainly we cannot improvise anymore and this is the right path in order to plan a different future.” A special greeting has been given by Malagò to the ‘student’ Alessio Boggiatto, former swimmer and mixed 400 m world champion. “He is a model: he has studied and become a champion, now he is trying this path with the same courage and passion as ever.”


Coni Servizi Managing Director Miglietta has lastly sent an encouragement to those participating: “This course represents the highest expression of ability and professionalism: the network of relationships is an added value, this is initiative of great relevance, which we believe a lot in in order to develop professionals requested to guarantee the continuity and the excellence of the sport movement.” The day has then gone on with a lectio magistralis by Manuela Di Centa on “The Olympic Movement”. The participants to the course has then attended a lesson on “Statutes and regulations” by Antonello De Tullio and one on “Assistance to Project Work” by Angelo Altieri. CONI directors have also attended the first lesson of the course.