HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE: Fiorentina / FIGC appeals against the closing of the Curva Fiesole after the choruses in the Italian Cup final

7-ALTA-CORTEThe High Court of Sport Justice has received an appeal from ACF Fiorentina S.p.A. society against FIGC about the decision of the FIGC Federal Court of Justice of the 6th June of 2014 (and published only in the provision), with which the appeal proposed by  the society against the decision by the National Sport Judge had been refused; through such decision the obligation of playing a match with no people attending in the sector named "Curva Fiesole" had been inflicted, together with the suspension of terms execution and according to the art. 16, n. 2 bis, of Sport Justice Code. This had occurred following the choruses by the Fiorentina fans during the 2013/2014 TIM Italian Cup Tournament of the 3rd of May.
The appealing society asks the High Court to reform and/or void and/or repeal the decision by the FIGC Federal Court of Justice mentioned above and, as an alternative, to transform it in a monetary penalty.‚Äč