CONI: Communication of the National Council

FORO1The 234th CONI National Council has gathered today afternoon at 3:00 pm at the Foro Italico, in order to discuss the following agenda:

1) Approval of the minutes of the 7th of May, 2014 meeting: they have been approved unanimously.

2) President's communications: the President has opened the works greeting Antonello Bernaschi, close to retirement, giving him credit for his great activity for the body in the course of the years. Malagò has also thanked Samsung for the production of a limited-edition smartphone to celebrate the Centenary of the body. The relevant results obtained by the azzurri athletes in the last month have been remembered and it has been paid homage to the memory of the protagonists of sport recently passed away. Malagò has then mentioned the good relationship with the Government, highlighting the full support of the Undersecretary of Prime Minister Office with ruling over sport Graziano Delrio about the reformation of sport justice, with the aim of modifying the whole regulation system. The Undersecretary has also stated his support in relation to the allowance to be conferred to Federal Presidents, for which just the formal approval of the Minister is expected; by September this will become an executive measure.

The President has thanked Latium CONI President Riccardo Viola for the brilliant planning of the Game Open at the Park of the Foro Italico on the 8th of June and the head of FIPAV Calo Magri for his choice to have the Italia-Polonia match of the male World League taken place at the Centrale del Tennis, rewarded by the attendance of more than 10 000 people. Malagò has also announced innovations related to the whole area of the Foro Italico, connected also to the covering of the Centrale Court itself. The Council has been informed also by the positive planning process of the 2015 Beach Games in Pescara , despite the change in the territorial authority head, and the imminent meeting expected on the 17th of July with Istat for the presentation of the report on sport and no-profit. Malagò has also revealed that, since the next year, the Board and the Council will take place on the same day, also in view of an opportune spending review.

Next, it has been communicated that starting from next year, it will be a duty of each federation to publish the balance sheets of the previous three years, while since 2016 the certification will be obligatory. President Malagò has also formulated his satisfaction about the process of the sport justice reform and for the approval of the regulations and the related appointments, underlining how code modifications have been put forth according to the suggestions of the Federations received in the past week.

A welcome greeting has been addresses to the new FISG president Andrea Gios and Giorgio Scarso has been thanked for his work as commissioner in view of CONI Sicily elective assembly, expected on the 21st of June. The President, who has also reminded the situation related to FISE deficit and the passages that have brought to the postponing of the special administration until January 2015, and has finally thanked all those who have spent their time and effort for the brilliant success of the Centenary celebration, as well as the Committee lead by Benedetta Rizzo.

3) FNS-DSA-EPS activity: the FISE special administration postponing has been approved (Gianfranco Ravà abstained)

4) CONI Statute – Key principles of FSN statutes: the following resolutions have been approved. 1) receipt of the conditions indicated by the Prime Minister Office 2) Principles of transparency – article 11 3) Key principles – article 15 – new justice principles 4) Code of sport justice 5)  General Prosecutor's Office regulations 6) Disciplinary Board regulations 7) General Prosecutor appointment 8) Disciplinary Board appointment 9) Authorization of Acting Commissioner . All the resolutions have been approved unanimously except the third and the fourth (Paolo Barelli voted against).

5) Miscellaneous: the following personalities have intervened on various subjects: Prof. Giulio Napolitano, Giovanni Petrucci (basket), Luigi Musacchia (Sport Promotion bodies representant), Paolo Barelli (swimming), Riccardo Viola (territorial organizations representant), Riccardo Agabio (gymnastics), Angelo Binaghi (tennis), Carlo Magri (volleyball), Paolo Sesti (motorcycling), Michele Dell'Olio (water skiing), Marco Durante (athletes representant), Riccardo Fraccari (baseball), Damiano Tommasi (athletes representant), Romolo Rizzoli (bocce), Giorgio Scarso (fencing). The Council, having no other resolution to approve, has ended its works on 5:15 pm.