SCHOOL OF SPORT: Seminar on Neuroscience, in Psychology and Neurophysiology

NeuroScienze2.pngBrain mechanisms have profound implications for the structuring of cognitive and behavioural processes. Recent discoveries in Neuroscience have challenged and at times confirmed important theories in the areas of both Psychology and Neurophysiology. The seminar, which is organised by the CONI School of Sport for the 23 and 24 June, aims to review the situation and declare the new approach in sports that Neuroscience is delivering in the scientific field.

At the "Giulio Onesti" Olympic Training Centre in Rome (Largo G. Onesti 1) Rossana Ciuffetti, Director of the Coni Servizi School of Sport will participate along with Antonio Urso, Coordinator of the School of Sport's relations and activities and the Institute of Medicine and Science in Sport and FIPE President, followed by the important testimony of Alberto Oliverio, Doctor and Biologist of La Sapienza University of Rome, Fabrizio Benedetti, Doctor and Neurophysiologist, University of Turin, andMenotti Calvani, Nutritionist of the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Rome.

The seminar is open to everyone and is particularly aimed at federal trainers, sports directors, coaches and physical trainers involved in high-level competitive activity, teachers from the School of Sport and from Regional Sports Schools, students and graduates in physical education, specialising in Sports Medicine, Psychologists, Sports Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

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