MEDICINE AND SCIENCE INSTITUTE: By CONI the 3rd CIO medical course on periodic evaluation. Miglietta: "Proud of this event, for 50 years at service of sport"

IOC COURSEA crowning event for CONI and the Medicine and Sport Science Institute. Even CIO, in the days preeceding the celebration of the Centennary, has had the intention to pay homage to CONI, organizing exceptionally– in the Honour Hall – the third course on the periodical medical evaluation and on imaging testing. The prestigioius medical meeting has had the participation of CIO Scientific President, Lars Einghebresen and has been opened by the greetings of CIP President and Rome City Council member Luca Pancalli. The welcome message by Alberto Maglietta, Coni Servizi AD, has underlined the crucial role of the medical component. "Coni Servizi considers as a priority defending the athletes' health and the Institute is the operating arm in order to achieve with efficacy this aim. We are proud to be able to host this course, this is a synonim for credibility for an organization that has been at the service of sport for 50 years".

Particularly significant have been also the introduction greetings of Maurizio Casasco, FMSI President, and Antonio Urso, Coordinator of the Relationship between School of Sport and Institute. The works have been instead opened by the qualified intervention of Dr. Einghebresen, who ha spoken about CIO activities addressing the protection of athletes' health. Moreover, Dr. Fabio Pigozzi, FIMS President, has talked about the subject of FIMS policy in relation to the safeguard of the athletes' health, while Dr. Antonio Pelliccia, coordinator of cardiological activities in the Institute, has closed the session with a detailed report about the cardiovascular screening, highlighting that in the last 4 editions of the Olympic Games, the 10% in a sample of 1800 athletes had cardiovscular modifications to be assessed.

 Dr Antonio Spataro, Instute Health Director, has greeted the people attending, underlining the initiatives carried out in order to defend the athletes. The works has been closed by the intervention of CIO member Mario Pescante, who has congratulated the AD of Coni Servizi Miglietta for the recet initiatives undertaken, and by the greetings of CONI President Giovanni Malagò, who has expressed the pride of the Italian National Olympic Committee to be able to host such an important medical-scientific gathering.​

Program of the event