CONI: Communication of the National Board

FORO1This morning The 1025th meeting of the CONI National Board has gathered at the Foro Italico, approving the minutes of the previous meeting of the 6th of May. In his communication President Malagò has started with reminding and praising the organization of the CONI Centenary celebration, while informing about the audience rating obtained by the program braodcasted live on Rai 1 (14,20% rating with average audience of 3,222,000 and a peak of 18,05%). The Board has then acknowledged the agreement signed by CONI and COE President Patrick Hickey for the use of Villino Giulio Onesti until 2017. The update of the qualifications for the Youth Olympic Gales in Nanjing has been brought to the attention of the Board (cuurently 65 athletes have qualified on a potential maximum of 70 allowed per regulation). In case the qualifications would overcome such a limit a choice will occur on the basis of the athletes who have obtained the qualification on the field. Moreover, the modifications to art. 11 of the key principled for FSN Statutes related to transparency criteria have been approved. Regarding the reform of Sport Justice, after a broad and deep debate, the new principles and a new code of sport justice as well as the General Prosecutor's Office and the Disciplinary Board regulations have been approved. The Board has then approved the resolution for the proposal to the National Council about a six months extension of the special administration for the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation starting from the 10th of July, 2014. It has been given to the advisor la Bain the task to articulate in economic terms the established criteria for the distribution of funds to the Federations. It has been finally announced that the special administration of CONI Sicily Regional Committee will end on the 21st of June with a new elective assembly. After examining a long series of other organizational and administrative subjects, and having approved the corresponding resolutions, the Board has closed it works at 1:30 pm.​