From Arianna Fontana to world champion volleyball team: Italy says goodbye to a record-breaking 2022


Italy toasts the end of a triumphant 2022 for Italian sport. The Beijing Winter Olympics rewarded the country with 17 medals (second best result ever after Lillehammer 1994) and a top-10 finish achieved in terms of the number of podium places. After the record-breaking tally in Tokyo of 40 medals, Italia Team registered another noteworthy Olympics result. The gold medals clinched in China by Arianna Fontana (short track) and the Constantini-Mosaner pairing (curling), in addition to the achievement of Sofia Goggia (winning silver in downhill 23 days after a bad knee injury) paved the way for a triumph-filled year.

From the world titles of Pecco Bagnaia and Ducati in MotoGP to that of Diana Bacosi in skeet (shooting), from Filippo Ganna's records (cycling) to the triumphs of the Italian national team in swimming, rowing, fencing and men’s volleyball, as well as Marcell Jacobs (athletics), Sofia Raffaeli (rhythmic gymnastics), Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (sailing) and so many others. It was an extraordinary year for Italian sport, which is all set to plunge into 2023.