Fontana silver in 1500, she is the Italian woman athlete who won more medals in the history of the Games. Malagò: 'Arianna, you are in the legend! I am proud of you'


Arianna's Olympic thread is lengthened... Fontana. At the Capital Indoor Stadium, the Italian athlete writes another indelible page in her career by taking silver in the 1500 metres at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games on a podium consisting of Olympic champion Choi from Korea and Dutch bronze medallist Schulting. This is the Italian's third medal in this five-ring event (the others being gold in the 500 and silver in the Mixed Team), adding to a unique trophy cabinet in the history of short track and Italy: 'Ary', in fact, hits 11 medals and overtakes Stefania Belmondo to become the most medal-winning Italian woman at the Olympic Games (including the Summer Games). (photo Mezzelani GMT).

It was a matter of thousandths. Seventy-three down for gold and three away from the bronze medal. Arianna performed another miracle. Remaining covered as usual until the final laps, she was joined by Korean Minieng Choi, a distance specialist and world and Olympic record holder, together with Dutchwoman Suzanne Schulting. At the finish line, however, the Italian managed to slip in between the two and beat her Orange opponent by just a few thousandths. This is the order of arrival: 1 Minieng Choi 2:17.789, 2. Arianna Fontana 2:17.862, 3. Suzanne Schulting 2:17.865.

'Arianna, you are in the legend! - said President Malagò - With this wonderful silver medal, you have become the most medal-winning Italian athlete of all time, leaving Stefania Belmondo behind you. Once again, you have shown your immense class, and I am proud of you. And thanks to this medal, the Beijing 2022 edition becomes the second most prestigious winter Olympics ever for Italian sport. These are endless and indescribable joys that I want to share with the athletes, technicians and federal presidents here at my side, together with Secretary General Carlo Mornati. Thank you, Italia Team!'

Among the other Italians competing, a good performance by Cynthia Mascitto, who went on to the semifinals and here ranked third, a position possibly useful for the repechage (the best in the final), but her time was exceeded in the last heat. Instead, Arianna Sighel was eliminated in the quarter-finals.