Mattarella to Malagò: 'Congratulations to the athletes for their behaviour and results. And how many sacrifices Goggia has made. I look forward to seeing you at the Quirinale.'


The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, telephoned CONI President Giovanni Malagò in Beijing a short while ago. 'Please compliment the Italian athletes for the results achieved so far and for their conduct during these Olympic Games,' said the Head of State. You did very well. Keep it up. A special greeting goes to Sofia Goggia. I followed her. I saw how many sacrifices she made to come back after her injury. My warmest appreciation to you obviously to be extended to the technicians, managers and federations. When you return to Italy, I will expect you at the Quirinale'. President Malagò thanked Mattarella and then phoned Sofia Goggia to give her the message from the President of the Republic. Sofia was moved and said: 'Sorry pres, I would have liked to bring you a gold, but that will be for next time.' Sofia Goggia is expected to be celebrated in a few minutes at Casa Italia.