2026 days before the opening of the Games, first Board of Directors’ meeting after lockdown


2026 days before the opening ceremony of the 2026 Milano Cortina Winter Olympics, the Board of Directors of the Foundation that organises the Games met in the iconic Milanese headquarters of Pirellone for two days of work under the guidance of President Giovanni Malagò. During yesterday's session, and again this morning, the management led by CEO Vincenzo Novari gave the directors extensive and detailed information on the progress of the Olympic and Paralympic project, which continued without delay even during the lockdown, and on the lines of development for the future.

“We are optimistic, positive and proactive,” said President Malagò. “There is great curiosity and interest in this Olympics because, with the double candidacy of Milan and Cortina, we have welcomed a new era: the project of a great innovative event, full of energy on a sporting level and light from an economic and structural point of view, takes off in concrete terms. Build less, build better, and leave a legacy for the future - these are the focal points. This is a vision to which all councillors, both representatives of the territories and institutions and those of sport, have positively contributed during these past two days”.

Milano Cortina 2026 is the first Winter Olympics that moves from compliance with the 2020 Agenda of the International Olympic Committee and the New Norm, the 2018 reform that aims to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games a major event that is sustainable, flexible and efficient, both operationally and financially, while creating more value for host cities in the immediate and long term.

“It's going to be a choral Olympics. We want Milano-Cortina 2026 to be not just the Milan or Cortina Games, but the whole of Italy,” stressed Vincenzo Novari. “It is a unique opportunity for development for a country that must start again: that is why our work begins immediately and will leave a positive legacy well beyond 2026. The project that we have developed, and that the Council fully embraces, combines sporting excellence and economic efficiency, the two criteria that will guide all our choices. The aim, with the help of the IOC, the Paralympic world, the Sports Federations and the representatives of the Territories, is to achieve an unforgettable edition of the Games. It will be the first Games that, as far as operating the event is concerned, will not use a cent of public money, leaving a light and positive influence”.

At the end of the two days - which also provided an opportunity to take stock of the projects and events that will accompany the Games in the area - the Foundation's Board of Directors unanimously approved the President's report and, by a majority, some amendments to the statutes of a technical nature, as well as listening to the report of the Project Director, Diana Bianchedi. The Board of Directors, which has already scheduled its next meeting to take place by the end of October, was attended - in addition to President Malagò and CEO Novari - by the President of the Italian Paralympic Committee, Luca Pancalli, the Federations, the sports area councillors and those representing the Government and the territories that will host the Games (Lombardy Region, Veneto Region, Municipality of Milan, Municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo, Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Autonomous Province of Trento).

Also present was Piers Jones, Head of Games Delivery of the IOC: “We work in close synergy with the Organising Committee. An Olympic Games is the greatest challenge a country can face in times of peace. It provides an extraordinary opportunity for the sports movement and for the whole of Italy. The IOC greatly appreciates the work done so far and stands by the Foundation so that Milano Cortina 2026 will be an example for all future Games”.