School of Sport, 2017 training offer presented. Malagò: the challenge is won, we’re ready to keep growing


scuoladellosportmezzelanigmt0086 crA high profile presentation to promote the contents of a training activity that is increasingly synonymous of excellence. The School of Sport reveals its 2017 education project: in the crowded Hall of Honour and in the presence of a number of Federal Presidents, members of the National Board and former athletes, the strengths of an articulated and exhaustive offer were illustrated, an offer that is corroborated by the increasing numbers and a credibility testified by the many partnerships established. CONI’s pride for a structure that is the flagship of its own history was expressed through the words of President Giovanni Malagò (photo by Mezzelani-Gmt). "I am amazed by this imposing audience. The School of Sport is a challenge won by Director Rossana Ciuffetti and it is ready to look further ahead. The adventure began 50 years ago thanks to Giulio Onesti’s special intuition. In the inauguration speech, he said that the School was a necessity and this proves his foresight. Today, the world of sport attracts professionals who wish to express their capacities within our world. We must respond to these requests and, to this end, we have invested at all levels. Almost every week universities contact one another to do something together. In these classrooms are the managers of tomorrow, also former athletes, ready to take over. I see a lot of enthusiasm. Costs have reduced and proceeds have increased. The management is dynamic also thanks to the efforts of the Regional Schools, in a difficult moment of the economy in virtue of an exceptional training offer. We want to continue to grow and always meet the expectations as the school proves to us every day.


Alberto Miglietta, Managing Director of Coni Servizi, stressed the motives for which the structure plays a pivotal role in the development of the company. "The School of Sport and the Institute of Medicine and Science of Sport are considered as structures to develop, in order for them to represent just costs but an investment. This is a veritable research center, a catalyzer of interest, an excellence to promote through its territorial branches. The objective is to offer quality, and for this reason the School has become a link with the universities of the country, in the role of excellent interlocutor in training matters. We have various extraordinary partnerships such as that with De Agostini which is a winning partnership as shown by the results obtained on the territory with the refresher courses offered to more than 750 Physical Education teachers".


Antonio Urso, coordinator of relations and activities between the School and the Institute of Medicine and Science of Sport, has explored the philosophy that animates the action methodology of the structure. "This training plan says a lot through its numbers and quality. Today carrying out this activity means delving into the complexities of our times, trying to decode the general needs. This training boundary is not always clearly defined but broadens and changes dimension. There are worlds that come together. Our challenge is to optimize the process making it dynamic over the years, for the purpose of meeting the incipient needs".


The conclusions are assigned to the Director of the School of Sport, Rossana Ciuffetti, who gave a detailed account of the 2017 annual plan. "Giulio Onesti said that the school was an essential contribution, as President Malagò mentioned, and today’s parterre corroborates this aspect. In 2016, we recorded 5 thousand attendees in our premises, whereas the regional schools received 30,000. We tried to bring back the Federations within the school because in order to succeed in maintaining our competitive levels, you need effectiveness at training level through this strategic asset. Victory in sports is determined by a variety of factors and depends on the fundamental role of the technician and we are ready to respond to this need by investing in the specific aspect. Furthermore this is a pre-Olympic year, in view of PyeongChang 2018, and we shall promote a specific seminar to be designed in collaboration with Coni Lombardia, just as a similar initiative is planned in lieu of the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires. Ten high level technical studies have been planned as well as a fourth edition of the High Specialization Course in Olympic Management to train future managers in the sports sector. With the Foro Italico University we have developed a three year degree course in motor science for level 4 sports technicians, with the Luiss and the Bocconi universities various important collaboration projects, with Lumsa a postgraduate course in sports education and training. There is an important synergy with the Milan Polytechnic, with the University of Parma we shall promote the third edition of "Comunicare lo sport" (Communicating sport) and we shall speak of sport between spectacle and entertainment without forgetting the part dedicated to the facilities and to the wellness aspect and the collaboration with De Agostini. We are also publishers of dedicated texts and of a specific publication. The best way to allow Italian sport to innovate albeit respecting tradition, continuing to play an elitist role and one of guidance in the world context". Attending the presentation were the students of the Liceo Scientifico a indirizzo Sportivo (Sports Science High School) of the Convitto Nazionale and those of the third Course in Oympic Management.