The "FAMI" project (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) launches the national course for spreading sports among young immigrants

BX3I7046ok crSport as a vehicle of inclusion and integration of young migrants. CONI and the Ministry of the Interior join forces to develop a project for the “promotion, practice and implementation of sports activities in favour of young foreigners hosted by the national migrant reception system”, included within the 2014-2020 National Asylum, Migration and Integration Program (FAMI). Young migrants will, in fact, be offered the possibility to practice their motor skills with the associations on the territory, together with their Italian peers under the guidance of qualified coaches trained by CONI. The first step of the project is deemed to be implemented in five pilot regions (Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Sicily and Tuscany), with the involvement of 750 young participants (out of the 3800 overall objective of the three-year project).


The presentation of this first phase began today and will continue tomorrow, at the School of Sport, with activities targeted at the regional experts who will have the task of training the technicians/educators of the participating sports clubs in their respective regions. The project was illustrated by Prefect Rosetta Scotto Lavina, Director of the Central Office for Migration Policies of the Ministry of the Interior, and by Cecilia D’Angelo, Head of CONI’s Territorial Management and Promotion, while the meeting was introduced by CONI’s Secretary General, Roberto Fabbricini. “I remember when this initiative was in the pipeline and it was immediately endorsed by President Malagò who has always been responsive to certain issues. It is a project of great civil value which is conceived within the social fabric of the moment. Although it has different goals, CONI feels sympathetic towards certain issues. Cecilia d’Angelo and her structure was praised for having concretized the objective in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior directed by Prefect Rosetta Scotto Lavina, whom I thank. These young boys and girls leave their roots in search of a better future. The project has us strongly committed along with the territorial organizations because we face an important challenge that we want to win. We are all citizens of the world”.


Prefect Rosetta Scotto Lavinia highlighted the significance of “FAMI”. “It is a project we have strongly encouraged because sport is the best instrument to favor integration. Thanks to CONI, which immediately endorsed the initiative within a broader European project. The subject matter is of extreme importance because in 2016, more than 25.000 unaccompanied minors came into our country. They are vulnerable and call for attention. We will support them in the hope of soon seeing them play and grow together with our children". The scientific directors of the Regional Sports Schools and the Presidents and Secretaries of CONI’s Regional Committees will oversee the training and coordination of the project on the territory.


The contents of the national training program is spread along a total of 10 hours divided into specific sessions: Asylum in the World and in Italy, by Andrea Pecoraro. Unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy: juridical framework and problematic issues, subject treated by Mattia Ventura. Account of a real experience: “Città dei Ragazzi”, by Francesco Ferraro.


Tomorrow the topic will focus on “Relationship and understanding within the group to recover equality within diversity, safeguard affections and awareness of the body”, by Barbara Pelletti. “Communication processes and intercultural relations applied to the context of sports communities”, courtesy of Antonella De Renzis and Isabella Tozza. Group activities and workshops are provided to create a direct connection between theory and practice, with an immediate involvement of the training recipients to guarantee an “awareness” of the different issues through a roadmap of actions to take.  (Foto Pagliaricci-GMT).