Statement by the National Board


palazzo1 hMeeting n. 1057 of CONI’s National Board was held this morning at the Foro Italico. The session opened with the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting held on January 17. In his intervention, President Malagò took stock of the Ryder Cup matter and of the development and completion of the legal procedures regarding the Italian Paralympic Committee also in view of the upcoming elections. The memorandum of understanding between CONI, the Municipality of Milan and the Lombard Region is being defined for the candidature of Milan for the 132nd CIO Session in 2019. In light of the assignment of Prefect Carpino as Special Commissioner for the G7, it was necessary to replace him at the head of the “Sports and Suburbs” Plan. The choice went to the outgoing President of the Court of Auditors, Raffaele Squitieri.

With regard to the Sports Merits, after once again applauding the awarding of the Collare d’Oro (Golden collar) to Gigi Riva in Cagliari, the President expressed his wish, if he were to be confirmed at the helm of CONI for the next four years, to operate a “regularization” of sportsmen and sportswomen, athletes and technicians who could have been awarded the Collar in virtue of the results obtained prior to the establishment of this award. The subject and application process will be discussed in depth over the next four years, and intention was expressed to standardize the statutes of the Federations and Disciplines particularly with regard to the electoral aspect. Regarding the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, Deputy Secretary General Carlo Mornati was nominated Head of Mission.

The Board approved the change of name of the Italian Hockey and Skating Federation (FIHP) into Italian Federation of Roller Sports (FISR). New regulations were approved for the organization and operations of NADO Italia, at the head of which there will be a President, in office for a five year term, with three year term judiciary bodies to further confirm the independence and autonomy of NADO, which will also have its new offices in the building adjacent to the Casa delle Armi at the Foro Italico, already the headquarters of the Rome 2024 Promotional Committee. An assessment was also carried out on the number of sports disciplines included in the national register, the current total of which is currently 384, and which will need to be standardized. After having examined a long series of other matters of organizational and administrative nature and having endorsed the relative deliberations, the Board ended the meeting at 12:00 pm.