Statement by the National Council


lottomaticamezzelanigmt22 crMeeting n. 250 of CONI’s National Council was held today at 3 pm  – at the Foro Italico – to discuss the following agenda:

1) Approval of the minutes of December 20, 2016: The minutes were approved unanimously.

2) Communications by the President: Malagò opened the session by officially awarding the Gold Star for sports achievements to the newly elected President of FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports), Marco Di Paola. A last tribute was dedicated to the stars of the sports world who have left us in the past month and a half, and the results achieved by Italian athletes in the same period were highlighted.

The President, at the last meeting of the National Council prior to the renewal of representation appointments, had, regarding relations with the Government, stated that there are various aspects still to be defined, considering the particular times the Country is living in. The Government is speaking directly with the Board of the tournament about the evolution of the situation connected to the Ryder Cup, while the final procedures are underway to formalize the independence of the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee).

It was highlighted that efforts have been made, with the progressive fulfilment of all the formal steps and the presentation of the project in Lausanne, in connection with the candidature of Milan to host the 132nd session of the 2019 CIO. This year, instead, the World Games involving non-Olympic sports will be held in Wroclaw: 100 people are expected to participate.

With regard to Sports and Suburbs, the Council was informed that the task of leading the project was assigned to Raffaele Squitieri, former President of the Court of Auditors, in consideration of the role attributed to Prefect Carpino in the organization of the G7 in Taormina. After stressing the importance of the assignment of the Terna project and of the Grants for Olympic training, Malagò spoke of the various Federal Assemblies – that will close on March 15 – and of the relative requests and conflicts, reiterating the lay approach adopted by CONI and mentioning the conclusion of the court proceedings against FIN.

The President anticipated that the first point of his future program will be to standardize the statutes and fundamental principles concerning voting procedures. Various sports have been integrated in the Amateur Sports Associations Register (384 in total). The relations and proportions between the number of registered members of the Federations and that of the Promotion Bodies shall be subject of reflection in view of the next four-year period. We are considering the inclusion of surfing – a sport included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic program – within the Water Skiing Federation, because it currently does not have its own category. The President ended his intervention reminding the attendees of the assumption of gender equality in all contexts, also in elective procedures and thanking the Council for the successful 4 years of collaboration. 

Input on the report and other topics was shared by: Paolo Barelli (Swimming), Alfio Giomi (Athletics), Marco Durante (Athletes’ Representative), Romolo Rizzoli (Bowls), Luca Pancalli (Italian Paralympic Committee), Vincenzo Manco (representative of Sports Promotion Bodies), Gianni Medugno (Technicians representative), Ugo Claudio Matteoli (Angling and Underwater Sports), Riccardo Viola (Representative of Regional Committees), Ugo Salines (Sports Promotional Bodies Representative).

3) FSN-DSA-EPS Activities: The following resolution was approved: Proposal to change the list of admissible sports and terms for the implementation of the provision.

There being no other business to discuss, the meeting ended at 4:55 pm, prior to the screening of “Free Safety – La rotta del coraggio” (- The Route of Courage), produced in collaboration with  FIDAF and ASSO Football, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, which develops the subject of integration through sports.