Award ceremony for the winners of the Literary, Sport and Journalistic Competitions. Malagò: "History is in your hands"


premiussimezzelanigmt017This morning, in the Salone d'Onore at CONI's headquarters, the customary yearly award ceremony for the CONI-USSI Literary, Sport and Journalistic Competitions took place. President of CONI Giovanni Malagò acted as host, attending the event together with Secretary General Roberto Fabbricini, the Presidents of the examining Juries Walter Pedullà (for the 50th Literary Competition), Gianni Letta (for the 45th Sports story) and Luigi Ferrajolo from USSI, together with Ivana Tosatti, wife of the unforgotten Giorgio, to whom the special prize "One pen for sport" is dedicated (photo credit: Mezzelani-GMT).


The ceremony was opened with a heartfelt commemoration of the journalists who died in the previous year and was introduced by President Malagò's opening talk which highlighted the importance and significance of the event. "I am pleased to renew this prestigious ceremony which celebrates the literary production related to our movement, and the journalists who have distinguished themselves through their work. When I became President, I asked myself if these prizes were necessary. They have become a wonderful tradition both within our world and beyond it. A wonderful glance into the world of the late Giulio Onesti. The USSI is one of 19 meritorious associations recognised by CONI and I always say that they are guardians of our time, of our history. It is a further element of responsibility and involvement. It summarises the importance of the values that our movement promotes on a social level. I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts and the results achieved".


Malagò's words were the prelude to Walter Pedullà's speech which brought the event to life by emphasising how the Literary Contest is a source of pride, before going on to present the winning works. "Sport has been accepted by the publishing industry. Sports fiction is no longer considered inferior, but is deemed a literary art form like all others. This is an important achievement and a recognition to be proud of".


Gianni Letta then took the floor and resumed the subject that Pedullà opened with, highlighting the key points before moving on to the Sports Story. "This Prize now receives a great deal of attention and has achieved significant renown. Guided by President Malagò, this initiative – like many others – has grown and acquired new momentum. This year our category received 103 stories, compared with 65 last year, with a similar increase across other categories. This shows us that sport is a driving force which can provide an added value and be a community resource".


Luigi Ferrajolo, President of the USSI, presented the Journalistic Prize, with an initial digression. "This is the first official occasion we have had to thank Malagò for the courage, grace and tenacity with which he fought to bring the Olympic Games to Rome. We express our support for him in light of the challenge being denied. Regarding journalism, over the last five years there has been a significant decline in sales and many jobs have been lost. There have been many cuts and pressures. We want – and need – to continue the fight to defend our autonomy. Rewarding those who excel enables us to defend our history and our dignity".


The list of winners is as follows:


50th CONI Literary Competition

Fiction category

1st prize: Federico Buffa and Paolo Frusca

"L’ultima estate di Berlino" – ed. Rizzoli

2nd prize: Andrea Barocci

"Un italiano di nome Kobe" – ed. Absolutely Free

Special mention: Giovanni Fiorina

"Masnago" – ed. Marsilio

Non-fiction category

1st prize: Gian Paolo Ormezzano

"I cantaglorie" – ed. 66TH A2ND

2nd prize: Alessandra Loro and Gianfranco Natoli

"I ragazzi di Brema" – ed. Tipografia Moderna

Special mention: Antonella Stelitano, Alejandro Mario Dieguez and Quirino Bortolato

"I papi e lo sport" – ed. Libreria editrice Vaticana

Technical category

1st prize: Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci

"Joy of moving" – ed.

Calzetti & Mariucci

2nd prize: Luca Marin and Sara Ottobrini

"Abili si diventa" – ed. Calzetti & Mariucci

Special mention: Andrea Vivian

"Allenarsi con 1 euro" – ed. Calzetti & Mariucci


45th National Sports Story Competition


1st prize: Pedro Waldemar Manfredini for "Parola di Pedro"


Joint 2nd prize: Remo Rapino for "Quella volta che Francisco non gridò Estoy!"

Joint 2nd prize: Peppe Millanta for "Rukelie"


"Under 35": Federica Masolin – Sky Sport

"Written press – Reporting and technical pieces": Alessandro Pasini – Corriere della Sera

"Written press – Cultural and investigative reporting": Alessandra Retico – La Repubblica

"Desk – Written press": Elia Pagnoni – Il Giornale

"Television": Alessandro Antinelli – Rai Sport

"Desk-Television": Alberto Brandi – Sport Mediaset

"Multimedia activity": Antonino Morici –

CONI Prize "One pen for sport – Giorgio Tosatti": Franco Esposito