Celebration of 60 years since the First Edition of the Olympic Games in Italy. Malagò: precious memories


Cortina Cena foto Simone Ferraro GMT 056Italian sport celebrates Cortina. At the eve of the 60th anniversary of the opening ceremony of the first edition of Olympic Games hosted in Italy, CONI paid tribute, with a gala evening, to the city that in 1956, thanks to the Olympic event, carved itself a key role in the world arena. The event kicked off with the filming of the event by Rai TV, that for the first time transmitted a live Olympic event, with Giuliana Minuzzo as first protagonist of the athletes' oath and then of the regrets for those races that were marked by misfortune: a moment that was accompanied by the welcome, official but full of warmth, by Malagò, President of CONI, in attendance together with the Secretary General Fabbricini, the Deputy Secretary General Carlo Mornati, the Vice Presidents Scarso and Buonfiglio, the members of the Board (which tomorrow will exceptionally be held right in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Cortina, for meeting no. 1042) and the Presidents of FISI, Roda, and FISG, Gios.  Everyone emphasised the importance of this Olympic "first time", with good wishes expressed for the Rome 2024 candidature. Show and emotions, an endless flashback, relived ideally together with some of the most significant protagonists of that edition, the seventh of the Winter Games: the last Olympic torch bearer, Guido Caroli (speed skating) recounted how he fell with the torch before the tripod was lit: "It was due to a cable that they guaranteed would be removed on the day: I was looking at the audience, did not look at the ground, and the cable was still there so I slipped". Together with him, skaters Carlo Calzà and Bruno Alberti, injured before the descent.

Cortina was represented by mayor Andrea Franceschini, in a unique setting: the Cortina Ski Club, founded in 1930 by 18 Roman students and symbol of the promotion of the most authentic values of the competitive sports movement, as highlighted by the plate gifted by CONI to Andrea Reale, director of the establishment, who then returned the favour in kind with a collector's gift, related to the historic postcards of the Games of 1956. The menu was embellished by wines from the Ferrari and Tenute Lunelli wineries.

President Malagò highlighted the importance of this meeting.  "We are proud to remember the protagonists of that edition and to guest some of them. Cortina was the Olympic Game that brought Eugenio Monti to fame: he then won the IOC De Coubertin Prize for a commendable act of fair play. This anniversary occurs in a particularly happy moment for the Italian winter sport and ice sport team, thanks to a shared path with great vision. Cortina is working on the 2021 World Cup, I am sure that this celebration will be the prelude to a future that stands up to the talents and beauty that this city is able to generate". In Cortina 1956, Italy won three medals in bobsleigh, of which one gold (Giacomo Conti and Lamberto Dalla Costa). The President of the Republic, Gronchi, was responsible for inaugurating the Games.